Jus Mike

Producer and artist. If you like what you hear and would like to collaborate, please get in touch!

A little bit about me.

My passion for creating and recording music started when I was living in Penzance, in the deep south west of Cornwall. I was brought up into a musical family. My dad used to be in a band called 'Pony' touring around the uk when he was younger during the 70's playing live regularly and even supporting Deep Purple on one occasion! Later my parents decided to move to Cornwall in the late 80's where my dad started up his karaoke business. Growing up I've always been surrounded by karaoke and most weeks would be attending and singing along! It was the moment i finished school the i realized my passion for playing and recording music. I started my own musical journey through hip-hop, writing lyrics and recording over beats i would find online. With a passion to write i would often find myself struggling to find instrumentals which could inspire me to write so I decided to make my own!  i began investing in my own home studio where I would invite friends and musicians i met to collaborate and record with me. Over the years i expanded my knowledge in production and invested in new recording equipment, microphones and network of musicians.


I am now based in Bristol and as of 2018 have a degree in music production. Its been a long and eventful journey up to now but I still feel as if im just getting started and am excited for whats round the corner!


I look forward to meeting you and helping you realise your goals! I'm easy going and patient when it comes to recording so you wont feel any pressure on doing it right first time.. but... i will  always encourage the best out of you and be honest with you if i feel you could be expressing or giving more constructively, I wont hesitate to let you know and give honest feedback!


Jus Mike aka thefieldrecorder